2022 08 17

Abivia Cogs and Geocoding 2.0.0

Getters in Cogs were conflicting with Laravel's relations methods. As a result, all methods have been renamed to get{Property}. Since this is a breaking change the major version number has been updated. https://github.com/abivia/cogs. Since Geocoding extends a Cogs interface, it has also been updated and released as 2.0.0. https://github.com/abivia/geocoding

2022 08 11

Abivia Cogs 1.0.0 release

Cogs, our package to help standardize business object interfaces has been released. Although the interfaces are still young, our Geocoding package makes use of one of them. That release requires the start of version tracking on Cogs. https://github.com/abivia/cogs

2022 08 11

Abivia Geocoding 1.0.1 release

The Abivia geocoding library provides a caching interface to IP address lookup APIs provided by ipinfo.io and ipstack.com. The library supports both IPv4 and IPv6 addresses and is designed to seamlessly support other IP address geocoding services. https://github.com/abivia/geocoding

2022 06 24

Abivia Money 1.0.1 release

There was a bug when rounding numbers when the scale was zero. This has been resolved.

2022 06 24

Abivia Money 1.0.0 release

Adding to the recent proliferation of objects to represent currencies and fixed precision numbers, we've just released Abivia\Money. Distinct from other packages we looked at, Money supports rounding by default, leading to calculations that have less error than the truncation model used in the BCMath library. https://github.com/abivia/money

2022 04 02

Ledger for Laravel 1.5.1 release

Ledger 1.5.1 (and 1.5.0) have been released. 1.5.0 adds the ability to lock a journal entry. A locked entry cannot be modified through the API. 1.5.1 continues to improve the process of adding schema updates. The API docs have been updated.

2022 03 07

Ledger for Laravel 1.4.0 release

Ledger 1.4.0 is out with a handful of bugfixes and several improvements driven by deploying it into our in-house application. Also, the API docs have been completed.

2022 02 24

Plaid for Laravel

Today we released abivia/plaid, a fluent Laravel interface to Plaid. Plaid connects applications to a wide variety of financial accounts.

2022 02 12

Isolating business logic in Ledger

We're in the process of building the application Ledger was designed for. There is a need for operations that are indirect to the APIs, for example deleting a ledger account. The place to put that logic isn't obvious. It involves multiple models and isn't always directly related to a request or a view, so it doesn't really belong in a controller. This comes up a fair bit and the usual approaches are to have the model engage other models (creating unwanted dependencies), make a specialized...


2022 02 04

A Widget for Elementor

We released a widget for Elementor that reverses the next/previous order for post navigation. If you've got a portfolio or project site, this widget offers more intuitive navigation for visitors. Learn more here or get it now.