Finance Related Packages

Several of our packages focus on support for building accounting, ERP, and CRM applications:

Cogs defines interfaces for common objects found in business and finance applications. The intent is to facilitate integration between independent implementations of Cogs functionality. For example, tax structures could be represented in a local, simplified implementation, or by connecting to a complex service that handles global tax structure. Cogs currently includes support for physical addresses, communications channels (email, chat, etc.), object history, invoices, parties (individuals and organizations), Party Relationships, and tax structures.

Ledger Is a general purpose General Ledger and Journal package for Laravel that can meet the needs of complex international, enterprise scale, multi-currency applications.

Money is a fluent wrapper for PHP's BCMath library that works with invariant objects. While there are several similar implementations, Most either offer no additional functionality or have been extended to include functions that are out of scope for finance applications. In addition, most simply replicate BCMath's policy of truncating fractional results, which is unsuitable for accounting. In BCMath a result of 24.567 at two digits of precision returns 24.56, Abivia\Money will return 24.57.

Plaid is a Laravel package that implements the Plaid API. Plaid gives an application access to financial transactions at a large number of global institutions.