Ledger for Laravel 1.8.0 release

October 24, 2022

Ledger 1.8.0 brings several significant improvements to Reports and lots of minor improvements:

  • The trial balance report now returns the domain with the name localized.
  • A new ability to add or limit reports via config (thanks @ivanmazep!)
  • Number formatting: added the decimal, negative, and thousands options to the trial balance report
  • API requests now decode the JSON directly, avoiding middleware.
  • Implementation of report options on API requests. Trial balance report can now limit how many levels of subaccount detail are returned; application can limit max depth.
  • Converted some exceptions to throw a Breaker instead. Added CONFIG_ERROR code, thrown when the report configuration is invalid.
  • Breaker::withCode() now accepts a string for the error argument in addition to an array.
  • Removed the unused opFlags argument from ReportAccount::fromArray() and deprecated the equally unused ReportAccount::validate().

Documentation has also been improved with the completion of the reports section.

Code on Github, Ledger Docs.