Ledger for Laravel Update 2023-06

June 27, 2023

Ledger 1.11 will feature batched transactions, allowing several API calls in a single request. A new configuration option will also allow the API to return some debugging information to assist with development. Of these, batched transactions have proved to be the most difficult. Significant work was required to prevent race conditions in non-transactional batch requests. Coding is now complete. We plan to write more test cases, add configuration settings to limit the number of requests in a batch, and update the documentation before release. Realistically that's a few weeks out.

Ledger continues to see strong growth in downloads, with few issue reports. Web traffic on the documentation site shows interest from all parts of the world. This leads us to believe that it is being put to good use in lots of projects, even though we have no real idea what those projects might be. Open source is weird that way.

The project we built Ledger for, a business accounting application with interfaces to the hosting management system used by our hosting operations, is moving forward slowly. Progress has been limited to some extent by being stronger in back end development than front end. Our plan is to release it shortly after it actually does something well.

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Other links: Code on Github, Ledger Docs.